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Polyurethane Foam Producers
Adhesive Coaters
Food Processors

Markets Served

Infinity Packaging & Films offers an extensive line of specialized and industrial packaging products that can be adapted and repurposed for a wide range of services and industries.

These are a few samples of our extensive product line and how they are applied to our client's applications.

Polyurethane Foam Producers

  • Blown mono and co-extruded films
  • Additives: anti-microbial, flame retardant, all colors
  • Fractional gauge lamination films down to 0.395 mil
  • Moisture guard lamination films for rebond carpet pad
  • Compression wrapping film
  • Register printed wrapping film
  • HDPE fractional gauge vacuum bags
  • LDPE/LLDPE bags and sleeves


  • High tack lamination films adhere to a variety of substrates (nonwovens, tissue, polyurethane…)
  • Thin gauge lamination film for mechanical pinning, heat, adhesive and flame lamination
  • Wide web fractional gauge films both HDPE and LDPE
  • All colors available
  • Wrapping films and bags
  • Shrink films

Adhesive Coaters

  • Lay flat film for adhesive coating
  • Cast and blown co-extrusions
  • Variety of colors and additives
  • Printed packaging for retail sales


  • Printed packaging for retail sales
  • FDA resins for bags and covers
  • Fractional gauge lamination film for dental bibs
  • Extrusion coatings

Food Processors

  • Shrink bundling film
  • Gas flush (MAP) bags
  • Vertical form fill and seal film
  • Process printed roll stock and bags


  • Co-extruded differential slip wrapping film and bags
  • Reprocessed resins for bags and dust covers
  • Gaylord liners
  • Shrink & stretch hooder tubing
  • Large printed pallet covers
  • Up to 8-color printed bags and roll stock
  • In line logo print – registered and random
  • Polyethylene valve bags
  • Open top bags