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Converted Products

Custom Films & Converted Products

Our wide range of custom films and converted products provide our clients with choices and solutions to meet their application requirements. Our products are custom manufactured to meet the unique performance requirements of our customers. We specialize in co-extruded thin gauge lamination films for a variety of substrates and applications. Our converted products include both CleanFill™ and R-Valve style valve bags as well as various styles of open top bags printed with up to 8 colors. Our Technical Sales Consultants will provide the best and lowest cost solution for your custom film and/or packaging application.

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custom lamination films


  • Blown mono and co-extruded films
  • Reprocessed resins for bags and tubing if available
  • Additives: antistatic, EVA, UVI, slip, anti-block, anti-microbial, flame retardant, all colors


  • Thickness - .00035 - .014
  • Layflat sheeting – up to 120” wide
  • Loose bags
  • Bags on rolls
  • Venting registered and random: tack, butterfly, slit, skip seal, 3/8", 1/4"
  • Machine direction perforation
  • In-line printing capability
  • Differential slip


  • High tack lamination films adhere to a variety of substrates (nonwovens, tissue, polyurethane…)
  • Wide web HDPE sheeting down to .00045
  • Bags – loose cut and on rolls
  • Gusseted pallet covers and Gaylord liners
  • Shrink bundling film
  • High OTR films
  • Compression wrapping films
  • Industrial shrink bags and tubing
  • Reprocessed resins available
  • Vertical form fill and seal films
  • Sealant web films

Converted Products

  • 8 color registered print
  • Printed vertical form fill & seal webs
  • Die cut bags
  • Laminations – foil, nylons, PP, PET, LDPE
  • Wicket bags
  • 8 Color R-valve bags
  • 8 Color open top bags
  • Printed pallet covers
  • Can liners