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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer stock products?
A. We do not offer stock products. All of our products are custom manufactured to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Q. What is the lowest gauge film you can produce for lamination films?
A. The lowest gauge we can run is 0.395 mil. The substrate it is laminated to and the function of the film will determine the minimum gauge for each specific application.

Q. Can you assist me with the design of my artwork?
A. Yes, we will assist you with ensuring the proper layout to optimize your design on the finished product. We can assist with a complete redesign if necessary. We will provide you with a proof for your approval prior to printing.

Q. Will standard films work for laminating?
A. In many cases, the standard films will not work for laminating. We utilize specialty resins with adhesives and treat levels to accomplish the proper bond between the film and substrate. Since there are many different types of lamination methods (i.e. heat, pressure, adhesive…), we typically provide co-extruded films to maintain the integrity of the film while still achieving the ultimate bond.

Q. Do you provide samples of film to test?
A. First, we will review your application and the product performance requirements. If the application is one we are familiar with, we may run a small test order of 2,000 pounds, which we guarantee to work or we will return the product for a refund. In some cases, we may provide a small sample roll for testing.

Q. On my converted products, can you help me with sizing my products to hold the proper amount of material?
A. Yes. We will provide samples of different bags to determine the proper size prior to running an order. By providing bulk density and the amount of product to be packaged, we can determine the appropriate size.

Q. How wide can you produce HDPE sheeting?
A. We can supply HDPE sheeting up to approximately 118” wide.

Q. What is the advantage of a co-extruded film versus a mono-extruded or blended product?
A. Many applications have specific performance requirements of the outer layers of a film. These may require very expensive resins such as adhesives. By extruding the expensive resin to the outer, thinner layers only, you save cost on the total product without sacrificing performance. If you require added strength to the product, we can incorporate stronger resins into the core of the product, thus achieving multiple requirements within the co-extruded film.

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